Our Cause is our Youth in Sonoma County

Rotary’s Ride for Youth –

100% of the net proceeds from The Giro Bello will help The Rotary Club of Santa Rosa fund projects in the local and international community, with a majority going to our youth in Sonoma County.


Giro Bello purchased 100 bikes for foster children and teenagers needing transportation to get a job.

Last year, we raised over $80,000 that went to support the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa’s many local and international projects (70% of which went to our youth in Sonoma County), which included:


  • College Scholarships
  • Advanced dictionaries for 3rd Graders
  • Music program for students
  • Dental program for youth
  • NewGen Peace Builders teaching conflct resolution skills to high school students
  • Bicycles and helmets for foster children
  • Local organic food for those in need
  • Living Room support for homeless women
  • Cribs, beds, and dressers for low income moms
  • Basic supplies to help furnish 1st time apartment
  • YWCA Pre-School Sensory Garden


  • Polio Plus program to eradicate polio worldwide
  • Project Amigo educating poor youth in Mexico
  • Tanzania water and hygiene project
  • Support for a Guatemalan student
  • Medical supplies to Chile
  • Water filters to remote Puerto Vallarta area

For more information on the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa’s local projects, see our website at www.santarosarotary.com/projects/.

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